About me

Frances Palgrave, born in Cologne in 1968, lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.


After years in practising photography, acrylic painting and drawing, she began her journey in free hand machine embroidery and fabric art in 2015.


Free appliqué and stitch drawing opened up whole new opportunities for her to transfer images of paintings, drawings or photographs onto another medium, whilst adding new dimensions to her work.


Frances Palgrave searches continuously for new modes of expression and explores the immense and diverse creative potential of free machine embroidery.  


Frances Palgrave is member of the Society for Embroidered Work (S.E.W.), founded in the UK by textile artists Cat Frampton and Emily Tull, which promotes textile art not only as a craft but as an art-form.


In 2020, she joined the European Textile Network ETN, which promotes textile art events and workshops all over Europe and connects textile artists worldwide.  


Juni - Oktober 2023 - Ostrale Bienale 023, 14. Internationale Ausstellung zeitgenössischer Künste, Dresden

April 2023 - 29. Internationale Kunstausstellung Form-Art, Glinde, bei Hamburg.

"Daily Treasure" and "Immersed" wurden ausgestellt bei der 7. Regionalschau „Wir über uns“ - Kunst aus Norddeutschland, Mai - Juni 2022, Die Drostei, Kulturknotenpunkt Südwest und die Künstlergilde Kreis Pinneberg

"Immersed" was on view at the International Summer Exhibition 2021 at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, September 2021- January 2022.   

"Me" was shown in the self-portrait exhibition of The Knitting & Stitching Shows in Alexandria Palace, London, (October 2021) and Harrogate (November 2021). 

"Icon" was shown at the 10th International Biennial Exhibition of Mini Textile Art "Scythia", Ivano-Frankivs'k, Ukraine, May - June 2021. 

"Teatime" was selected for the Emerging Artist 2020 juried exhibition of the Fiber Art Now magazine and was featured in the fall print edition 2020.

It was shown at the Fiber Art Now exhibition "State of Health & Emerging Artists" in the Appalachian Centre for Craft in Smithville, Tennessee, August - November 2021.  


photo credit: fiber art now

photo credit: Fiber Art Now/Fiber Art Network

"Patchwork Lady" was selected to be part of the international patchwork and quilt competition "Die Goldene Nadel" at the Nadelwelt textile and craft fair in Karlsruhe, Germany, July 2021, which was cancelled due to the pandemic. 

"Teatime" was part of the inaugural international group exhibition of The Society for Embroidered Work (S.E.W.) at the Clerkenwell Gallery in London, 2019.

photo credit @societyforemboideredwork and my own